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Limousine Service

features modern Town Car limousines, appropriate for business and social occasions.

They offer the best in style and a smooth ride. There is a premium sound system with iPod and Mp3 connections in each car; drinks on the bar; and large comfortable seats, arranged so passengers can talk with each other, easily.

Highlight Limousine Service is the company anyone can call.
Our clients appreciate the luxury and reasonable prices. Around New Hampshire and greater Boston there are many ways to enjoy HighLight Limousine Service.
Here are a few popular choices:
Begin your night in the city by arriving in a limousine. Enjoy the ride to Fenway, your wedding, or that special restaurant. Surprise the family with a fun afternoon trip.

We like to say, the fun starts when your limousine arrives.
So, if you're ready to travel, use the'Book a Trip' link to reserve your limousine online. Or, call us. Either way, making a reservation is easy.

Those are clean cars.
We don't place advertising on our limousines. No stickers, phone numbers, pinstripes... Only the clean classic lines of the Lincoln Town Car.
Planning an event?
The 'Book a Trip' link above
is the best way to receive a price quote in writing.
Connect your music.
Bring your iPod, or Mp3 and listen to your music on our premium Kenwood Audio System. Bluetooth lets you connect without the wires.
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We are so green.
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Frequently Asked
Inside the limousines
Some questions that are asked frequently:
Are all your limousines the same size?
We have 8 and 10 passenger limousines.

Why not have some larger limousines?

The 8 and 10 passenger sizes are the best choice for city streets.
Drivers can move through traffic and turn corners that would be difficult, or not possible for longer cars. Besides, how many people do you want to ride with? If more than ten, you're on a bus.

Are these limos rear wheel drive?
Yes. We definitely prefer rear drive cars. They are quieter and shift better through gears than front drives.

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